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Arise Now

This video is a cry to depict the dark and sad state of our environment because of climate change and also because of the lack of action on calls on us all to recognize that we have caused to this problem and there is a need for us to arise now.

By Sahil Chandra

Nature, Water and Human Rights

For me as a young filmmaker here in the Solomon islands, I love my passion as filmmaker and photographer, I use my passion as a filmmaker to create stories and film them about issues and global climate change also advocate issues in my country .what inspired me to be creative in making this film ,I wanted to tell stories and film then to make change in my country ,as a freelance filmmaker I always wanted to be a change maker by using my passion and creative skill of filmmaker to make change in my country and in my village.

The story and video I created is about how important is water ,and how people connected to their land river and nature ,and some challenges they have face in their villager .and also contributing by climate change and affecting Human rights .There woman and children are also affected by the climate change and their rights.

By: Junior Patrick Kauha Makau
Solomon Islands

Act Now: Youth Against Climate Change

Act Now: Youth Against Climate ChangeElwais Golbuu
00:00 / 02:16

Due to my inability to sing, I tried to piece together dialogue and speech audio from assorted videos on YouTube in order to tell the message that would fit with the theme. I decided on having two "parts" of the song: one part tells of the severe impacts brought by climate change, and the other part tells about how youth have the power to fight against it. When creating the song, I tried to make it somewhat resemble that of a trailer's audio, and to do that, I prioritized the arrangement of the dialogue and speaking first, then made the actual music follow along. I went back and forth between many different ideas, unsure of how to proceed due to the atypical structure of the song. Though eventually, I managed to have a clear layout of the spoken words and a rough idea of how the music would play out. From there, I added a bit more elements, then mixed the song (adding effects to make sure the sounds of the music and the spoken audio didn't fight each other, making sure the volume of the song was mostly consistent, etc). After that, I got the opinions of my family members, made the necessary edits to the song, then started to fill the form while exporting the file! And that brings me here now.

By: Elwais Golbuu


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